Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology
Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology

Membership in Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP)

Full membership will be granted to departments that meet one or all of the following criteria: A or B.

A. Departments of Psychology with graduate degree programs,


B. Other departments having programs that meet ALL of the following seven criteria:

  1. The program must be clearly labeled and defined as a psychology/degree-granting program.
  2. The psychology program must stand as a recognizable, coherent organizational entity within the institution, and be within a regionally accredited program.
  3. The psychology program must be an integrated, organized sequence of study.
  4. There must be an identifiable psychology faculty and psychologist responsible for the program.
  5. The program must have an identifiable body of students who are matriculated in the program for a degree.
  6. Masters programs should be the equivalent of one post-baccalaureate year—3 quarters or 2 semesters—full time study at a minimum. Doctoral programs should be three postbaccalaureate years of full-time study at a minimum.
  7. A core program appropriate to the degree and the science of psychology must be identified, and the source of instruction (i.e., where the material is taught in the institution), should be identified.