Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology
Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology

Two Tenure Track Assistant Professors

About this job: Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, MULTIPLE POSITIONS

Virginia Tech - Department of Psychology -   See this job on our site

Job is in: Blacksburg, VA US

Contact: Professor Martha Ann Bell
Phone: 540 231-2546

Post Date: September 29, 2021
Job Starts: August 10, 2022

The Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech is seeking applicants for two tenure-track assistant professors. We seek candidates who will increase the department's commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity through their research, teaching, mentoring and/or lived experience. The search is open to candidates in any area of psychology, although applicants are encouraged to think about how they would fit into one of our four existing graduate training areas (Developmental Science, Industrial and Organizational, Biological, Clinical Science). Successful applicants will have a Ph.D. by the Fall 2022 start date, a demonstrated commitment to research, teaching and mentoring, and/or service and engagement. The Department of Psychology includes a group of scholars who work to increase understanding of psychological processes involved in human behavior. This research includes identifying typical and disordered processes that contribute to mental and physical health across the lifespan, as well as the psychological and social processes that influence people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they engage with family, work, and their community. While faculty members in Psychology share a common interest in psychological processes, our specific interests, research methods, and expertise are diverse and include both behavioral and neuroscience approaches with experimental, survey, and big data methodologies. Some researchers are committed to increasing understanding of basic psychological processes, while others emphasize implications for developmental, organizational, and clinical issues. We are all committed to building a diverse and inclusive department.

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