Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology
Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology

Site Navigation FAQs

1. How do I gain access to the expanded member features? If you are a Chair/Head of a Psychology Department with a graduate program, you can click on "Member Login" (link located at the bottom center of public home page) or "Become a Member!" (right side of page). This will take you to a sign-in page for Existing Members or give potential New Member the opportunity to join. For Existing Members you will be prompted to enter your Email Address (the one we have on file for you as a listserv member.....a preliminary security measure) and a Password. To establish a Password select "I'm already a member but don't know my password." The system will automatically email a message to you that will contain a link (it's a long one so be prepared to cut and past to your browser if your system won't allow you to simply click on it) for completing the process of setting or changing your password. The email will be sent to the email address we have on file for you to prevent outsiders from hacking into the system.

2. How do I pay my annual dues ($100) and/or meeting registration fee ($125)? Once you have established a password you can use it to gain access to the members only portion of the web site. If you have yet to pay your current dues, you'll see a message that "your membership is about to expire" when you log in use the Member Login. You will have the opportunity to pay your dues/meeting fees online by clicking on the appropriate option. The system will then pre-fill the name/address information we have on file for you onto the credit card information form; the system ASSUMES the credit card is in YOUR name. IF YOU USE A CREDIT CARD THAT HAS SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME ON IT (like your administrative assistant or your department's credit card), MAKE SURE YOU REPLACE THE INFORMATION WITH THE NAME ON THE CARD with the proper billing address. Also, make sure you use the pull-down menu to designate which kind of credit card you are using (VISA, Master Card or American Express) and select the kind of transaction you wish to make (Dues, Annual Meeting Registration or both). You also have the option of paying your department's dues up to 5 years in advance to avoid unintential lapses in membership. Once you click on the "submit" button, the information will be verified over a secure link to the credit card processing center and credited to COGDOP's account. Assuming the information is verified, a message highlighted in green will appear saying "Your COGDOP membership is current" and an email receipt (from "") will be sent to you immediately. The receipt will show your name as Chair/Head and will also show the name you entered as appearing on the credit card, if different from yours, for reimbursement purposes. You can also select "Payment History" from within the Members Home Page to see that your payments have been recorded. While there you'll probably also see your 2008 dues/registration fee records which will carry an arbitrary January 01, 2008 date with payment type marked as "unknown" since we did not have this automatic logging system in place at that time.  (Note:  If your University will not allow you to use a credit card to pay  dues or registration fees, you can down load and print the pdf files available on the home page under "PDF Forms" and mail or fax them to the address/fax number indicated on the form.)

3. How do I post a job opening? Once inside the members only portion of the web site (having entered your password) select "My Job Postings" and follow the prompts for entering job-related information. Pull down menus have been provided to capture the most frequently appearing job types. A "text box" is available for you to enter a brief description of the position.  Please note that this description is limited to 2000 CHARACTERS (not words); try to stay below 1900 characters (including spaces) to avoid error messages when submitting.   After entering the required fields, you can also upload a pdf or Word document containing more details about your opening(s).  We suggest pre-positioning the file you'd like to upload on your computer desktop to make it easy to find.  The system will ask you to enter the name of the file you want to upload.  There is a "Browse" button adjacent to this line on the form that will allow you to search your computer for the correct file.   Clicking on the file as you scroll in the browse window will automatically fill this line in for you and upload the file to the right location.  Before attempting to load your own job posting(s) you can also select "Jobs!" to see what others have already posted. Once you submit your posting it will be reviewed by a web site administrator and then released to the public site.  If you receive an error message when trying to submit, go back and make sure all of the required fields (indicated in red) have been filled in and that you have not exceeded any character counts.  The most common source of error messages is (1) the length of the job description included in the text box exceeding 2000 characters (including spaces) and (2) attachments that do not conform to the required .pdf or .doc format.

4. How do I look up other COGDOP members contact information? Once inside the members only portion of the web site (having entered your password) select "Member List." This will take you to an alphabetical listing of all COGDOP members with email addresses, institution names and State/Country location information. To get additional information, click on any member's name and the screen will display expanded information including the department name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and department URL. It will also show the types of graduate degrees offered. To close the expanded screen, click again on the member's name. You can search this database by using a keyword search and can restrict searches to first names, last names, department names, institution names, email addresses, phone numbers or State. If you find an error in your own record, please return to the "Member Home Page" and select "Edit my profile." You can then directly update the information we have on file for you. (Note: The old "Online Member Directory" was hosted by the University of Miami [thanks UM and Andre Perwin!] and updated manually [thanks Josefina Dauval!] whenever members sent in updated information. That site will now redirect members to the new COGDOP domain.)

5. Will this change how the COGDOP listserv is managed? Yes, eventually. The listserv portion of the COGDOP domain has not been turned on. (Note: For many years the COGDOP listserv has been hosted by the University of Kentucky [thanks UKY and Bill Stilwell!].)  When the listserv is eventually moved to the COGDOP domain, an announcement will be made and users redirected to the new site. As with the old listserv, we plan to maintain a searchable archive so users can review previous discussions of common topics. We hope to offer some more options to receive posted messages (for example a choice of receiving daily logs of topics versus the current "live only" postings). Only members who are up-to-date on their dues will be included in the new listserv so you are encouraged to remain current. The new listserv will look at each paid member's profile to see if the member has opted to participate in the listserv. There will be no need to contact the web master to opt in or opt out. Until the new listserv is completed, we will continue to use the UKY-based system.

6. What else is available on the new web site? In addition to the new member features described above, the site includes all of the features included in the old web site.  (Note:  For many years the COGDOP web site was hosted by Wake Forest University [thanks WKU and Richard King!].)   Along the bottom of the new web site are links to pages that provide "Information" about COGDOP and it's origins, a "Board of Directors" page giving the names and contact information for current Board Members, a link to COGDOP's "By-Laws" and requirements for membership, a "Scholarship" page with a description of the American Psychological Foundation (APF)/ Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP) Graduate Research Scholarship and a link to download application materials, a link to "Past Conference" programs, a link to information about the upcoming "Annual Meeting" and a "Contact Us" page. There are also links to useful sites like APA's salary surveys, NITOP and CAMPP, a downloadable copy of the "April 15th Agreement" regarding offers of financial assistance to graduate students, some downloadable pictures from last year's meeting and a list of last year's attendees.  There is also a new "Surveys" page reached from within the "Members Homepage" were we post summaries of impromptu surveys conducted on the listerv by members.

7. How do I get back to the Public Home Page from inside the Members area?  You can always click on the top masthead of any interior page (where is says "Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology") and it will take you directly to the Public Home Page.