Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology
Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology



The Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP) is a society constituted of Chairs and Heads of Departments of Psychology or other equivalent administrative units which are authorized to offer graduate degrees in psychology in institutions accredited by their regional accrediting association.

Membership is held by the department, not by the individual.


COGDOP began as an informal group which met in conjunction with APA in the mid 1960s. After the first meetings in 1963 and 1964, the initial bylaws were adopted in 1964. The first formal meeting was held in 1965. COGDOP is now a major resource for departmental administrators.

COGDOP is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) corporation registered in the State of Florida; member departments pay a $100 annual membership fee to help defrey the costs associated with meeting the goals stated below.  Board members receive no compensation for their time and effort.


  • Promotes the field of psychology
  • Provides a forum for discussion of education, training, and research
  • Provides a support group for chairs
  • Provides information on day-to-day issues of managing a graduate department
  • Communicates views of psychology departments to others


COGDOP has recently addressed issues and initiatives that could affect graduate education, especially in psychology. In this role, COGDOP

  • identifies new national developments
  • alerts membership to policies
  • represents membership's opinions
  • influences external forces so as to protect the integrity of the graduate education process
  • interacts with and recommends to
    national societies
    government agencies
  • manages an awards program for graduate research


For information on the upcoming meeting, please click here.

COGDOP's annual meeting is invaluable for dealing with problems and issues associated with managing a graduate department. Typically, there are

Workshops like these:

  • budgets
  • diversity
  • workload
  • recruiting
  • faculty evaluation
  • faculty redirection

Special sessions like these:

  • annual research address
  • address by representative of government or higher education
  • briefings by national organizations
  • address on timely topics


To facilitate rapid (and lively) exchange of information, COGDOP maintains an e-mail forum. Members use this forum to ask other chairs about such topics as

  • starting salaries for new Ph.D.s
  • startup amounts and source budgets
  • handling confidential letters
  • releasing tenured faculty
  • designing a new building
  • availabilty of multimedia courseware

Responses to these queries often arrive within minutes.
Only chairs of departments that are members of COGDOP may subscribe.

Contact Frank Andrasik, Webmaster
( for information about subscribing.

COGDOP New Membership Form

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For information on becoming a member of COGDOP, please contact:

Richard Petty (Membership/Database)
Department of Psychology
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210
Voice (614) 292-3038
FAX (614) 292-4537 

Dale Dagenbach (Treasurer/Payments)
Department of Psychology
Wake Forest University
P.O. Box 7778
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27109
Voice (336) 758-5740
FAX (3336) 758-4733



In 1995, COGDOP and the American Psychological Foundation developed an annual award program for graduate student research. Announcements are sent to department chairs holding membership in COGDOP in early spring, with June 1 application deadlines.