Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology
Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology

2023 COGDOP Annual Meeting is back in-person!:

Hold the Date: Friday February 22-26, 2023.

Location: Sheraton Phoenix Crescent Hotel, Phoenix, AZ 

The theme of the meeting will be "Promoting Engagement at all Departmental Levels"

(More details about the program, registration, and hotel acomodations are forthcoming).


Paula Shear, Ph.D.

Board Chair




COGDOP Annual Meeting Travel Award for Primarily Minority Serving Institutions

These awards are intended to diversify COGDOP's membership and participation by offsetting costs for Chairs at primarily Minority Serving Institutions (i.e., at least 50% minority students) whose institutions are unable to support their attendance at the COGDOP meeting. For in-person meeting attendance, COGDOP offers up to $1000 in addition to waiving membership and registration fees. The award can be used for each year for 2 consecutive years (for a total of $2000 of travel reimbursement). Interested chairs should send their application (click here to download) to Dr. Annette Stanton ( Previous recipients of the award are welcome to reapply.


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